Salient Features

1. Authentic Ayurvedic treatment, conforming to the 5000 year old tradition of Ayurveda, offered in a scientific manner.

The growing demand for Ayurvedic medicine has led to the mushrooming of many Ayurveda Centers that offer diluted and compromised versions of Ayurvedic treatment. Most of them, though popular and commercially successful, lack authenticity. Only a few Ayurveda establishments in India preserve the authentic style of Ayurvedic practice. Saluting the legendary institutions that are genuine, we at SG Ayurveda take pride in declaring that, at our Ayurvedic hospital, all treatment procedures are delivered by experienced Ayurveda physicians. The therapists involved in treatment delivery are also specially trained by SG Ayurveda in various Ayurvedic treatment techniques, hygiene standards and patient care

2. Attention to specific health problems

- Digestive disorders
- Sleeplessness/ Insomnia
- Menstrual complaints

- Menopausal problems
- Lower back pain or Arthritis
- Ayurvedic medicine is effective against these medical conditions both as the primary medicine and as a support to conventional medicine. Ayurvedic treatments strive to improve the quality of life, irrespective of its role.

3. Panchakarma Detoxification and rejuvenation at deep tissue level

Normal detoxification treatments target toxins at the superficial gastrointestinal level. In authentic Ayurveda, Panchakarma techniques aimed at the removal of accumulated toxins (Ama) lodged in the seven deep tissues are employed. Accumulation of excessive levels of toxins in the deep tissues hinders healthy physiological processes. Detoxification is carried out using internal medications and by oil treatments, which destabilize and liquefy toxins at the cellular level. The destabilized toxins accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract over the course of treatment. These toxins are finally removed by an elimination process—either virechana or vasti.

According to Ayurveda, the body accumulates pure and impure aspects resulting from the appropriate and inappropriate intake of food and lifestyle activities. Besides factors like annual seasonal changes, pollution and stress, factors out of one’s control feed the impure aspects into one’s body, despite one’s efforts to live a healthy life.Ayurveda therefore stresses the importance of annual/periodic Panchakarma treatments for detoxification and rejuvenation.

4. Signs of a healthy balanced life

- Proper appetite (at the right time for the right quantity of food)
- Proper digestion of the food consumed, without any difficulty (no heaviness, gas trouble, acidity etc)
- Proper elimination of stool (frequency, consistency to be normal)
- Proper elimination of urine (frequency and color to be normal)
- Proper elimination of flatus
- Proper functioning of the eyes
- Proper functioning of the nose
- Proper functioning of the ears
- Proper functioning of the tongue
- Proper functioning of the skin
- Proper complexion
- Proper strength (ability to do the physical work )
- Proper state of mind (calm)
- Proper sleep (easy to get sleep)
- Proper waking up (active as soon as one is awake)

5. Close medical attention by a lady physician, supervised by a Senior Ayurveda Practitioner, for all women patients, to ensure better comfort of all women patients.

6. The treatment programs are conducted in the soothing, tranquil and peaceful ambience of SG Ayurveda – a place designed for healing. Authentic Ayurvedic treatments, blended with good hospitality and idyllic surroundings makes the treatment programs unique.

7. The treatments are offered throughout the year for the benefit of needy patients. Patients can undergo Ayurveda Panchakarma procedures for detoxification, to overcome painful conditions and get rejuvenated in all seasons

8. Special treatment programs during monsoon : The monsoon is the time when vata (the strongest among the three doshas or functional units of the body) loses its balance and starts facilitating different degenerative processes. The monsoon Ayurvedic treatments are designed to counter this imbalance and its consequences. Monsoon is also the time when the body is responds well to rejuvenation treatments, like the Kerala Panchakarma treatment.

9. Yoga and meditation.

10. Introduction and understanding Ayurveda through planned talks and discussions with the Senior Physician.

11. Ayurvedic herbal products from reputed GMP certified Companies