Some of treatments done at SG Ayurveda Hospital

Abhyangam :

This special type of Ayurvedic massage involves applying oil ( plain or medicated) on head and body without pressure.. This procedure is done on seven postures. The oil for head and body is chosen based on the requirements of the patient. In general, abhyangam is done for 45 minutes fallowed by a bath.
Benefits of Abhayangam (Ayurvedic Massage) :
- It is excellent for general health of the body.
- Removes dryness from the body and makes the skin smooth and glowing.
- Works as anti-stress remedy when applied with specific oils.
- Improves overall mobility and removes stiffness of joints if regularly applied.
- Improves sleep and alertness of the patient.
- Applying oil on the head regularly improves the nourishment of scalp and is a good remedy for hair fall. The oil strengthens the hair roots and helps in proper hair growth.

Sirodhara :

Medicated oil/milk/buttermilk is poured from earthen or metal vessel continuously on the patient’s head. Based on the material used like oil/milk etc, the effect on body also be different It has been observed that sirodhara treatment is highly effective in
- Insomnia
- Chronic headaches
- Ear / nose disease
- Spinal disorders
- Skin complaints

Pizhichil :

Squeezing of a cotton cloth dipped in warm medicated oil, on body, in a specific manner, is called Pizhichil. It is effective in treating ailments such as:
- Musculo
- Skeletal and Neurological conditions
- Arthritis (Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis)

Navarakizhi :

Specially packed boluses of cooked Navara rice (cooked with medicated decoctions and milk) wrapped in cotton cloth are applied on the body along with medicated decoctions and milk. This treatment is ideal for
- Nourishing the skin, body, muscles, and bones
- Neurological conditions like paralysis
- Improving the general health of an individual by rejuvenating the whole body.

Sirovasthi :

The Ayurvedic treatment technique of holding medicated oil on the head using a specially designed cap is called sirovasthi. This procedure is especially effective for:
- Eye nose and ear diseases
- Chronic headaches
- Facial paralysis
- Insomnia
- Improving vision and memory

Sirolepa :

This healing technique involves the application of Ayurvedic herbal pastes on the patient’s head. This treatment is proven to be good at:
- Improving vision
- Relieving headaches
- Treating insomnia
- Nourishing the brain
- Clearing stress
- Improving memory