Ahara : The diet at SG Ayurveda

Ayurveda emphasizes ahara (food) and vihara (routine) as two major things that can keep diseases away and hence it is of great importance for the overall well-being of a patient. Ayurveda does not advocate a vegetarian diet nor does it say no to non-vegetarian food and alcohol consumption. However, Ayurveda gives an in-depth analysis of every food source and how each interacts with our body and mind. The individual is expected to decide what is good for him or her, based on a clear and conclusive understanding of various food types.

At SG Ayurveda we provide basic vegetarian diet to our patients and try to restrict the usage of incompatible vegetables, condiments and spices, to ensure easy digestion. During the treatment period, digestion process will be slower than in active life and as a result consuming heavy food can create several digestive complaints.

The treating physicians shall guide patients on what to eat and what to avoid during the treatment period. Also, at the time of discharge from the hospital, the patients are encouraged to take up better diet plans. SG Ayurveda provides expert professional consultations and discussions on food and nutrition to plan out a healthy Ayurvedic dietary chart for you.