"Feels good to be associated with our roots of geeting treatment via ayurveda by team of expert doctors & natured by the selfless service render by the owners mr& mrs raveendran towards the society."


" Fantastic hospitality provided by staffs, therapist and doctors . Treatment process were clearly explained by doctors well before and proper care was given. Therapist have taken extra effort during treatment procedure to keep children patient in comfortable. "


" I appreciate the high level of skills of the all medical team Appreciate also their capacity to listen to us and to personalize the medical care they provide to each patient. They also have an important availability now must wait to know if this panchakarma has been efficient. Say thank you at all the people involved in this hospital. "


" Treatment given here was very satisfying Proper timely care and medications provided. Staffs with hospitality and doctors with good in patient care adds additional feather to the crown of sg ayurveda. "


" Dedicated doctors and therapists is the plus point for the patients and this centre. Clinical service is good. Cleanliness of the rooms, labs and primises is good Hospital is in a calm and rural atmosphere which will attract nature lovers. "


" Saigram ayurveda treatment is the best and it is purity ayurveda & no side effect. The treatment , which have taken for the 19 days with oil , will give great relief fo body pain In my opnion year by once treatment for our body will be purely preventance care for our health. "


" Very good care as soon as i arrived quality treatment personalized day by day Ayurveda medicine was a first time for me and i strongly recommend the team doctor and this hospital. I had two lovely therapist and all the staff is considerate and attentive at any time. "


" I was very impressed by the medical care and monitoring. It lead by cmo dr. Ragavendran and his colleagues their efficiency and professionalision as well as their human qualities. I also appreciated the availability and kindness of the administrative staff. Here everyone gives the best to help you to achieve your wellness goals in the most favourable conditions . "


" I found at sg ayurveda doctors of a very high quality and a subtle approach of ayurveda with great faith that helped me a lot during treatments and a lot of doctorable , caring people and really caring. Thanks to all. "


" After 20 days of treatment, i found my 20 years old flexibility in my back. Good team around an execllent doctor. Thank you dr. Ragavendran. "


" Before everything i would like to say how we ( a group of 4 ) were recevied . First : open arms , second : the efficiency of the teatments, third :the competence and humanity of dr. Ragavendran, fourth : the kindness and simplicity of therapists, fifth : the excellent food. So i say my experience was very good. "


" Sg provide excellent therapy treatments which are side effect free. I said everyone in the hopitals are very attentive and smart. They provide excellent and timely services. The hospitals requries public support, and needs to help poor people to get their services. "


" We experienced a complete holistic ayurvedic treatment at sg ayurveda, an environment with friendly doctors & therapist. Individual care and attention immediate remedies for the problem are well appreciated. Doctors are very well experienced. "


" Saigram ayurveda hospital is situated in a beautifull country side in coimbatore with peace and quiet. I come here with a frozen shoulder and osteo arthritic knee condition . The treatment plan worked out by the senior doctor has helped hugely to improve my condition. I would highly recommend the doctors and the treatment over all my stay has been a pleasant experience other than the food . Food needs improvement. "


" Saigram hospital is a very peaceful and welcoming place,where treatments and medicines are good quality Doctors are very listening and adapt the treatment everybody according to your body responses All the employees are so kind it is like a family. "


" Sg ayurveda is providing very good ayurvedic treatment to op as well as ip. Many medical camp may be arranged for which lions club and other nsoscan be utilised for the purpose. I wish sg ayurveda to grow up in future and provide medical needs to the service to the people in need or its anniversary day. "


" My stay in sg ayurveda was good as doctors made sure to explain what i am going through with treatments. I am so glad that i choose sg, by the time of discharge, i feel so hail and healthy. My joint pain and the swelling went down so well so i could work again. Sohappy and thankful all the doctors and therapist, who helped me in the journey. "


" The moment i walked into the hospital, i knew i had made the right choice. During my stay here everyone from the doctors to the therapist to the service staff, they where grewing concerened for your well being. there are many such hospital but it’s the people who work in these places are the one who make difference and sg ayurveda has employed the right kind of people who are such amazing human beings. I am going to miss u all Thank you from my bottom of my heart. "


" Located in a serene environment, sg ayurveda is a “healing resort” one can find. With personalised treatment, constant care, blood food, physical, mental health is given atmost importance. The team of doctors and masseus management is kind and accessible at all times. A week treatment for my aliment, gave me physical and mental strength to get back to work. I am very happy and content with sg ayurveda constant care and touch. Very happy with jatheesh therapy. "


" I experienced a good atmosphere the trustee of this center where very kind towards me. They consolled me and gave a place also for my son future In a few days they planned to put a good kitchen I like to thank the whole heartedly . Thank you everybody. "


" I were really happy and enjoyed my experience in saigram ayurveda hospital Every people medicine , therapist and cleaning women are so wonderful and really present. Thank u to be here for my first panchakarma I will come back soon. "


" I have spent atmost 4 weeks at sg ayurveda and that i am leaving with a feeling of being stronger bouth physically and mentally. To being surrouned by all this nice and competent people means a lot Their smiles, their kindnes.. I am coming back . "


" When i came to sg ayurveda hospital i was suffering the whole-body pain After 18 days of treatment all the pain vanished I was very surprised the effect of ayurveda treatment because this medicine use only herbal medicine planets With the allocation of food and massages of my body were become a new body I am going to abroad, i will estimate the treament as soon as to reach the healing Thank u very much for the whole staff of sg ayurveda I am very greatful of them. "


" Our stay and experience in saigram was pleasant and very comfortable the hospital premises was very pleasant and calm. The reception staff was very cordial and handled our admission process. The room was adequate and clean throughout the stay. All the other staff was very friendly and the over all experience wasvery good. "


" It was the premises which attracted me first very quiet and clean. Dr. Ragavendran has the time of consultation & daily visit has been caring, instilled confidence and very professional. Rmo dr. Sivaranjani could cannot with the patients and always available even late night on emergency. Dr. Chitra and dr. Radhika were very professional caring Therapist are very good especially mrs. Bhanumathi and who with her 40+ yearsof experience did a handful treatment for me. I enjoyed my stay very much and would like to come back for repeat therpay. Thanks to mr. Raveendran chairman who is the reason for choose this hospital for my treatment. "


" The staffand the doctors are all very nice very friendly. Another service as soon as we need something to meet us the hospital and very nice in a very pretty place in the nature a lot of greenery. It is very quiet very relaxing and it is also very clean and very nice. There is also a temple next door where you can go meditate to do yoga and saturday night there is the bhagan. "


" Doctors and therapists took a good careof me, everyone here are very friendly and polite. Dr. Ragavendran is very knowledge and a real sme in ayurveda Hospital premises are clean always. Its real a polution free environment. "