Message From CMO

Dr.D.Ragavendran, BAMS, MD(Ayur)

Ayurveda, the science of living, is a time-tested ancient system of disease prevention and health care that deals with the natural healing power within each individual. Ayurvedic medicine is the only system of medicine that integrates mind-body and soul through its proven teachings. If properly administered, Ayurvedic treatment generally does not result in any side effects.

Ayurveda evolved through the in-depth study of the interactions between the human body, mind and soul in order to achieve the perfect balance between preventive and curative solutions.

Ayurveda, the knowledge/science of life, health and longevity, emerged as a mainstream health care system in India and as a complimentary system abroad.

Drastic urbanization, growing social needs, accelerated speed of life, and day-to-day stress from the way of life of the modern community resulted in the need for a safe external support through which one could maintain internal harmony. The recent upsurge of Ayurvedic medicine can be attributed to this need. Global growth of Ayurveda has thus proved to be serving two purposes i.e. Maintaining and Regaining health.

It is not possible for a single system of medicine to manage all disease conditions completely and effectively. Health sector trends suggest that no single system of health care has the capacity to solve all of society’s health needs.

However, Ayurveda, for example, can play a vital role in preventing diseases and in managing manifested ones, by preventing complications and by improving quality of life, as envisaged by the great seers of our country. Ayurvedic healing has surpassed expectations of successful health management through effective methods employed for meaningful outcomes.