Message From Chairman

Sri. K. Raveendran

Several persons in this world are victims of prosperity and abundance. The amount of money spent on luxuries and trivia are growing larger each year. These purchases contribute towards a sedentary lifestyle, the root cause of many modern health issues. At the same time, there are scores of people who have health problems which they have got due to reasons beyond their control—environment and poverty. But every dilemma created by our way of life and ignorance can be undone, with a little effort.

Ayurveda goes far beyond being a mere system of medicine—it is a way of life propounded specifically for the upliftment of mankind. The original Ayurvedic treatises give a comprehensive description of how to live one's life in tune with nature, free from disease and illness.

Ayurveda gives a detailed account of how the "living body is only a microcosm of the macrocosm that is nature" and all elements that exist in the latter are reflected in the living body. Keeping this as the guiding principle, Ayurvedic medicine focuses on invigorating and rejuvenating the natural systems within the body using organic and nature friendly medicines. The body and mind are treated as a cohesive unit, resulting in long-term benefits as opposed to short term reliefs offered by invasive modern medicine.

Almost every adult at some point in his or her life has desired a more attractive physique. With the advances in technology, we are inundated with images and opinions of what body types are considered ‘healthy’. Even as the problem of Stress, Obesity, Joint disorders, etc, related to the nature of work in the world continues to grow, we are constantly reminded of our own shortcomings. Unfortunately, solutions are more difficult to come by.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for all who wish to embark on the voyage to attain a great healthy body and mind—Ayurveda.

In line with my vision to provide holistic health care solutions, my team and I at SCT proposed an Ayurveda Hospital at Coimbatore. SG Ayurveda is equipped to guide individuals and correct their unhealthy lifestyles and food habit. Even these simple changes can have a lasting positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of the individuals. A combination of internal medicines, external applications through massage and other unique Ayurvedic treatment techniques, yoga and meditation can go a long way in acquiring a toned physique with clear skin and healthy hair. Detoxification at the cellular level, through the Kerala Panchakarma treatment, gives a lasting healthy inner glow to the skin unattainable through modern detox routines.