Message From CEO

Dr.Rajendra Prasad.A

Ayurvedic medicine is the first medical system in the world, inherited from the Rishis (Sages and Seers) of yore, to have attained the status of a complete science of life. Ayurveda has strong philosophical foundations, scientific veracity, evergreen practical methodology, and an eternally vibrant innovativeness that makes it easily adaptable to allied systems.
With a proven record of success through the ages, we at SG Ayurveda consider it our duty to bring this science into global focus to ensure its benefits are available to a larger population.

Saigram Charitable Trust management, in deference to the friendly but persistent demand to establish a source of medical relief within the realms of Ayurvedic medicine, founded SG Ayurveda in the year 2016 at Samichettypalayam, four km off Periyanayakanpalayam, Coimbatore. Installing the necessary infrastructure, appointing a team of Management and Medical professionals to assist me, and embracing my vision to widen the reach of Ayurvedic medicine, the S G Charitable Trust continues to support S G Ayurveda every step of the way.

We dream of a disease-free society whose health-care mechanism is self-reliant, self-sustainable, accessible and affordable.

Out of 40 clean and well maintained beds at SG Ayurveda, 16 are part of the general ward (8 beds each for male and female patients).This facility is part of our sincere dedication to persons of low income that can ill-afford private rooms. Our future plans include short and effective therapies for senior citizens.To keep them fit and active. This scheme has the potential to become yet another feather on the SCT’s hat.

We offer thorough consultations and thoughtful treatments by highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and well-trained therapists. The other departments like pharmacy, diet and physiotherapy, are handled by skillful staff trained exclusively at this Center to maintain service quality while treating our patrons.