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Present status & future strategies

For organizational and market competition, innovation, and improvement Research and Development (R&D) is generally essential. For firms to stay “alive” and remain competitive, innovation by implementing multidisciplinary technologies becomes imperative. R&D partnerships and collaborations are required to provide quality and also newer stabilised products.

Future Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery is one major area where SG will be working most in the coming years. Traditional practices of production cannot be compromised but nothing prevents us from exploring matching same age-old consistency with newer methodologies to obtain same quality medicines.
Masses acceptance levels have a greater impact on continuation of the industry and only a good R&D support can bolster that move.

Future Projects

SG plans to mobilise farmers around the Indian subcontinent to maintain supply demand ration of various herbs.
SG plans to make Grower – Buyer meet on a same page for interactions.
Conservation of RET Species of plants will be attempted wherever possible.