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SG Group makes Ayurveda Accessible & Affordable thus setting you away From Illness to Wellness.
The medicines are the ammunition to a Physician in his fight against the disease.“Lack of Quality &Efficacy affects the treatment result” - it was that need which prompted SG Charitable Trust to start SG Ayurveda Pharmacy to produce and use medicines of quality at its SG Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre. Now the Group has embarked on a journey to distribute the produced medicines to other Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals plus those patients who are the needy in general.

SG Ayurveda Pharmacy produces Traditional Shastric formulations, Patent & Proprietary medicines, Nutraceutical’s and Cosmetic / Personal care products. As it is SG Group’s Policy to provide authentic Ayurveda the same goes without saying about the authenticity & quality of SG Pharmacy products. At SG we don't compromise on quality right from the stage of raw material procurement, manufacturing methodology [Strictly following approved pharmacopeia’s], Hygiene during production as per GMP Standards and in using quality durable Packing materials. The Vision of The Board of Trustee's has been to serve the needy, provide medical care without compromising on quality or standards. The Mission of the Managerial Team has been to implement that Vision and work to see that the end result matches the Vision in too.


We strive for excellence

Our Vision

  • Produce & Deliver quality medicines.
  • Get patronised by clients and make them attain confidence in us for our effective, affordable & clinically proven medicines.
  • Have exemplary standards in production acceptable worldwide and maintain it to be followed by others.
  • Support raw material growers to provide direct dealing with producers.
  • Become a preferred brand by year 2025.

Our Mission

  • To maintain standards thru honesty & by having focus
  • Ensure that we bring out om best, being ready to accept change
  • To provide sustained. growth, be self-disciplined and ensure balance in business


To full-fill the aspirations of ailing human souls for adequate physical and mental cure. Ayurvedic treatment offered in the environs of absolute serenity, by a strong performance-oriented team committed to excellence in everything they do, has made therapy an uplifting experience for patients.


Saigram Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization in Coimbatore, India, has been serving the rural society and supporting noble causes since 2005


Purity in Production

100% Natural

No Side Effect

Preservative Free

Medical herbs

Ensuring that the medication being manufactured will provide the desired effect to the patient is our main purpose of Quality Assurance. We guarantee that there will be no contaminants, additives beyond permissible limits, Heavy Metals presence and that the medications will meet quality requirements and all relevant regulations.


Marks of Purity & Standards


Behind our success is a great team