Dr. Lakshman GN, BAMS, MD, MBA

Dr Lakshman obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurveda from Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College & Hospital (SCSVMV – Deemed University), Chennai and his post graduate degree in Ayurveda pharmacology from Pune. Before becoming associated with Sg Ayurveda, he worked at renowned hospitals like AVP, Harley Street Health Care, Diacl park, IIAM Bangalore, andVaidyaratnam.

Specialisation: Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Cancer, General Panchakarma and NadiVignan (from astavaidyas of Kerala) are among his specialties. He offers specialized therapy for life style disorders like Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. and is known to advocate diet and lifestyle changes rather than medicines for cure.

Research: His has published a paper on Anti-aging Therapy and Ayurveda in Karolinska institute Sweden.

Social Imprint: He has spoken at rotary and other forums about Ayurveda and was conferred the ‘Jeevaka’ award in 2003 by Himalaya Drugs. He is also onYouTube and has posted videos about Ayurveda on his channel.