Our Clinical & Technical Team

Chief Executive Officer & Senior Consultant
Dr.Rajendra Prasad.A, BAMS.
Chief Medical Officer
Dr.D.Ragavendran, BAMS,MD(Ayur).
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Devika Rani, BAMS.
Senior Medical Officer
Dr. Chitra Chidambaram, BAMS.
Medical Officer
Dr. Radhika, BAMS.
Medical Officer
Dr. Vineeth JS, BAMS.
Senior Consultant
Dr.Ranjith David, BAMS.
In charge - Academics and Training programs
Senior Consultant
Dr.Raman Namboodiri, BAMS.
Senior Consultant
Dr. K.Babu, BAMS,MSc(Yoga).
Senior Consultant
Dr.G.N.Lakshman, BAMS.
Advisor- Ayurveda Academic programs
Dr.Krishna Prasad, BAMS.
Advisor- Food and Consultant
Dr.Guha Priya.